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Proactive Life Coach and Emotional Stress-diffusion Trainer

As a proactive life-coach, I can help you heal uncomfortable conditions of your life and accomplish your personal and professional goals.

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Meet Eva

Proactive Life Coach and Emotional Stress-diffusion Trainer

Eva has worked as a trainer, coach and emotional stress-diffusion practitioner for over 25 years. Her problem-solving methods include elements of transpersonal psychology, emotional stress-diffusion, family dynamics balancing and coaching techniques. She has coached thousands of people and trained over a hundred clients to establish a career in the helping profession.

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I teach you to teach

You wonder “Who am I to teach others”?

Do you feel ready to share what you’ve learned but something holds you back?

Have you gathered a huge knowledge by overcoming your obstacles?

Do you fear what others will say?

Hard to find your nieche?

Do you have trouble designing your course?

You wish someone helped you recruiting students?

You’d prefer teaching online and need an automatized online course?

Time has come to teach through a BOOK?

Discover Your Teacher Archetype

Become a holistic coach

You want to leave your safe job and begin what you really long for?

Are you a practicing coach/helping professional and want to extend your knowledge with insights of inner emotional dynamics?

Do you feel like sharing your services with more people in need?

Do you need to establish/refresh your online appearance?

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1:1 consultation online

you tell your problem and your goal

we figure out what limiting emotions and beliefs hide beneath your issue

after discovering their origin, you may transform them into life-supporting powers


I won’t give you advice and tell you what to do

We won’t blame either your parents or your spouse or the government, instead

We’ll figure out what role you play in your uncomfortable situation since the only thing you can change is you.

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Study online

and become

a holistic coach or trainer

by learning about

  • your soul archetype and soul’s purpose
  • how your childhood experiences influence your health, wealth and happiness
  • how your male and female selves form your romantic partnerships

  • how do unknown wows and fate-take-overs may limit your relationship and career potential  
  • how to figure out what you really want in life
  • how to put together an action plan to succeed

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Become an emotional-terrorist repellent

  • Learn and practice the “non-defensive” answers so they can’t force you to explain yourself
  • Learn and practice non-violent communication so you can keep your integrity during conflicts
  • Learn and practice emotional communication – and you are unbeatable
  • Release shame on speaking up

  • Learn and practice saying NO even if they make you feel guilty
  • Learn and practice voicing your opinion even if they ridicule you
  • Learn and practice walking your own path and your heart’s calling even if they conspire against you
  • Release shame on being a success

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Publish your book

with us

  • ebook  

  • paperback  

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