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Our long-standing consulting and training centre continues services online. Turn your concerns and worries into action and see yourself thrive with us.
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We offer 1:1 and group coaching customised for you

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Our online programs

I'll show you how
What's your life's purpose
The art of goal setting
Your hidden self
Who is Missing or not at their place

Peek Into Our Courses

Discover your teacher archetype

Download fee: free
Location: online
What's your life's purpose?

Designed by: Eva Kovacs
Access fee: : free
Location: online
The Art of Goal Setting

Designed by: Eva Kovacs
Access fee: : free
Location: online
The hidden you

Designed by: Eva Kovacs
Access fee: $147
Location: online
Who is Missing? Who is not at their Place?

Designed by: Eva Kovacs
Access fee: : $97
Chosen style: Modern
Location: online
Creativity is freedom

Designed by: Eva Kovacs
Project Budget: $97
location: online
1:1 Coaching

Coached by: Eva Kovacs
Attendance fee: 1x50 minutes:$197
Attendance fee: 3x50 minutes:$540
Attendance fee: 6x50 minutes:$960
Attendance fee: 9x50 minutes:$1270
location: zoom
Inner peace and safety

Designed by: Eva Kovacs
Access fee: $15
Feel at home in your profession

Together, we will build
your ideal course

Why do you want to teach

Has it been your life-long calling? Others have told you you should? Want to make the world better? Need more money?

What do you want to teach

Are you eager to benefit others by teaching how you have struggled through hardships so they can save pain?

Who do you want to teach

Who are the five people around you who would profit from your teaching? They'll be your avatar students.

Design your course

We'll build your curriculum and lesson plans so simplifying the delivery process.

recruit students

If you are a natural teacher, marketing may appear far-fetched for you. But there is an easy way.

publish your book

Your experiences and your work is worth reaching a wide audience. Organise it in a book and publish it.

Seamless process

How It Works

01 Share your vision

02 Set Budget & timeline

03 research & Design

04 Implementation

successful projects & satisfied customers.


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