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Teach what you know, I'll show you how

“You’ve mastered something only when you can teach it to others and do so.”

Maria Montessori

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You’d like to start what you’ve been longing for long, but something holds you back?


What your life's purpose?

Where are you from, why are you here?


The Art of Goal Setting

Without a clear purpose, you’ll follow others’ dreams.


Why holistic coaching classes?

Understanding hidden determinants of your behaviour and relationships opens a door to loving yourself and others more.


Knowledge is power; sharing it is a privilege.

Your Hidden Self

Meet different aspects of your inner self and let go of your past fears, pains and fears of future pains to find your gifts and talents.


Who Is Missing? Who Is Not At Their Place?

Release unconscious wows and destiny-takeovers to unburden your relationships.


Creativity Is Freedom

Having removed unlimiting thinking, it’s time to speak yout truth and becoming visible and embrace health, wealth and happiness.

About me

Hi, I'm Eva Kovacs, your training mentor

As my motto says, knowledge is power; sharing it is a privilege. So, after decades of coaching and teaching, I choose to share the essence of my experiences with you if you are interested in the amazingly fascinating world of the human psyche, the mind and behaviour. My online programs incorporate elements of transpersonal psychology, emotional stress-diffusion, family dynamics balancing, and coaching techniques to support you in reaching your goals and even establishing a career in the helping profession. Moreover, you may become equipped to share your own knowledge either as a trainer or a writer.

Over six thousand clients

100+graduated helping professionals

25+ years

What my students say

The courses were awesome! So many things determine our relationships and decisions that I have never even dreamt of! Thank you!
A. T..
Partnership Coach
What I enjoyed most was the carefully designed structure of the courses. One level builds on the other and there is enough room and time to process the teaching material on a deep personal level, as well.
A. L.
Business Owner
I've never thought that my relationships and even business performance can improve so much purely by looking into my soul's world! It was worth every penny!
D. S.
Emotional Behaviour Trainer Class
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